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Video Soundtracks

Video soundtracks and multimedia pieces

Here you can see/hear the two main video soundtracks from "Beneath the Snow - Piovono Ombre". The first one, "Arcano Arcaico" (frame at your left), can be viewed/listened in the Post-Snow part, whereas the second one, "Sons of a Sun without Light" (frame at your right), is shown in the Post-Night part of this mammoth opus. Since "Beneath the Snow - Piovono Ombre" is comprised of many stories within the story, you can have a look/listen to the preview/sample of each multimedia piece from these stories: "A Story within a Story: In Sickness" (Part Snow), "The Four Demons" (Part Night), "Five Surge Dream" (Part Night). Otherwise you could see/hear "Gris - Szary: L'Indifference" but we have to warn that this multimedia piece, included in "Beneath the Snow - Piovono Ombre" , due to the scenes depicting extreme violence, horror and death, is not suitable for children under 18 and is available either as a pay-x-view single multimedia piece or buying the whole opus.For all the other multimedia pieces from "Clam, Dolenter" (2010) or from "Grim" (2004), please click here.

Arcano Arcaico

Sons of a Sun without Light