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Here we are, after a long silence...2016 and 2017 have been two anomalous years, screwy and full of different commitments, which sometimes detracted our attention from the G.M.P. for a number of reasons.After the show of Genoa (June 4, 2016), where Jason and Bosch introduced “Beneath the Snow – Piovono Ombre” to their public and following the worldwide promotion of BTS-PO, Jason's activity as sound engineer and producer for the latest Blue Dawn album (“Edge of Chaos”, released in July 2017) as well as Bosch's involvement in some personal art galleries were the major ingredients for this year and a half of transition from BTS-PO to G.M.P.'s pre-production for a new work. BTS-PO turned out to be the most successful G.M.P. opus to date, as witnessed by a surprisingly positive and quite intense list of reviews gathered by the Italian multimedia ensemble in UK, USA, The Netherlands, Ireland, besides Italy of course.Furthermore Jason and Bosch were interviewed by Roberto Morningrise (Metal Mirror, Italy) in October 2016 and afterwards by Chris Olson (UK Film Review, UK) in February 2017: did they reveal any clue about the esoteric meanings hidden behind the stories of BTS-PO or did they hold out against these temptations ?Particularly Metal Mirror published a detailed retrospective about Gothic legacy as a band and about the major achievements of Gothic Multimedia Project split in four parts, from Grim (2004) to the TdM08 Manifesto (2005), from the Anti-box (2007) to Clam, Dolenter (2010), up to the last G.M.P. effort.The future about the Gothic Multimedia Project is wide open and yet to be written. Once again from the ashes, a new unprecedented phoenix will rise.