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Previous News

The forthcoming Gothic Multimedia Project opus will be officially released on May 28, 2016.In the same day a brand new version of the G.M.P.'s website, Gothic Dimension 4.0, will be launched at the same address ( Although “Beneath the Snow – Piovono Ombre” is gaining the attention of some webzines devoted to experimental music and art, it will have a lesser exposure than “Clam, Dolenter” because of its highly avant-garde and gloomy nature. Nonetheless the G.M.P. will make this mammoth work known and spread in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Spain as well as Italy.“Beneath the Snow – Piovono Ombre” will be presented on June 4, 2016 (h. 9.00 pm), in Genoa (Italy), at the “Altrove - Teatro della Maddalena” (= “Beyond – Magdalene Theatre”), a little theatre committed to promoting multimedia acts and unconventional forms of music and drama. For the very first time James Maximilian Jason and David Bosch will be together on stage, live, directly interacting with their audience just to show a part of their new weird, challenging opus.



The long wait is (almost) over ! After six years of incredibly hard work, the new Gothic Multimedia Project opus is on the way !This “new thing” will be titled “Beneath the Snow – Piovono Ombre” (where “Piovono Ombre” means “It Rains Shadows” in Italian) and will be published between April and May 2016. James Maximilian Jason and David Bosch will let a definitive date be known in the very next weeks.“Beneath the Snow – Piovono Ombre” is an interactive film featuring musical, artistic and lyrical contents, the first ever in the history of art and music, and it's the fruit of the complex work of an unprecedented team of 28 musicians, artists, actors, graphics, technicians who collaborated under the direction of James Maximilian Jason and David Bosch. You can see the trailer of this work by clicking here (English Version – Italian Version).Further details will be revealed as soon as possible. This multimedia beast will be supported by a brand new website layout (Gothic Dimension 4.0) and will be available both in a deluxe DVD version (15 € - limited edition) comprised of a white DVD box and a beautiful 32-page booklet as well as in a digital version for download (7,50 €). In the meanwhile you can pre-order the opus by sending an order request in the contact page: in this case you will be asked to choose between analogical and digital version.R U gothic ?