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In Sickness

Two twins, two opposite destinies. A lonely house and a devastating mix of a never soothed grudge and a hardly controllable insanity. The right elements for a haunting story within a story: in the depths of pain.In this story, included in the "Part Snow" of "Beneath the Snow - Piovono Ombre", four multimedia pieces are featured, one for each chapter of this dreary and dreadful story:1) Privato di un Rimorso Primitivo2) Schivo/Scisso,Sostanzialmente un Eretico Notturno3) Spiati dallo Smarrimento4) Cadavere Senza OmbraIf you want to see/hear/read the multimedia pieces and the related poetries, you're kindly asked to buy the whole multimedia opus, choosing between the deluxe DVD version and the digital version for download.

A Story within a Story: In Sickness