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Gothic Works

1. Into the Gothic Gloom (1989) - demo cassette2. Into the Deep Tartarus (1990) - demo cassette3. Into the Gothic Gloom (1991) - demo cassette4. Whispers from the Grave (1992) - demo cassette5. ... and from Hell came the Revenge (1993) - demo cassette6. The Pestilence... Post Contagium (1993) - demo cassette7. Dreaming the Apocalypse (1994) - demo cassette8. Dark Dimension (1995) - demo cassette9. Cold Winds of Suicide (1997) - demo cassette10.Fleeing the Rainland (2000) - 2 demo CD's11.Grim (2004) - 2 CD's + 1 CD-R featuring multimedia contents12.TdM08 Manifesto (2005) - digital/online multimedia video13.Anti-box (2007) - 4 CD's and 2 multimedia DVD anthology including:14. Whispers from the Gothic Gloom. And a Fiend...15.Buried Lithanies. Undead ?16.As Fragile as an Uncanny Cobweb17.Où les Phalènes Sombrent18.Clam, Dolenter (2010) - multimedia DVD19.Beneath the Snow - Piovono Ombre - multimedia DVD

Gothic works

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