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The Gothic Multimedia Project was born as a band formed by James Jason and M.C. in 1989. Gothic, soon reduced to a one-man band, shaped a peculiar musical style, called "death-gloom metal", by mixing synths and metal sounds. From that year to 2000, Gothic cranked out ten demos, each of them characterized by a very different style, subduing the raw brutality of the early works and developing a unique, ever-changing mix of sounds.In 2004 the Gothic project issued its first proto-multimedia work, "Grim", comprised of two cd's and one cd-r featuring some drawings/canvas and a multimedia video ("Forlorn"), melting music, graphic art and poetry in a unique artistical vehicle of expression. The Théatre de la Mort 08 Manifesto (2005) was the (ill-)logical consequence of that first step, transforming the Gothic project in a real multimedia ensemble devoted to the creation of a new form of lyrical and musical art, just like the Fluxus neo-dada movement tried to do fifty years before.In 2007 the Gothic Multimedia Project published the so-called "Anti-box", a sort of collection and multimedia reinterpretation of the Gothic demos produced between 1989 and 2000."Clam, Dolenter", released in 2010, represents the avant-garde apex of this new artistic path. This revolutionary work depicted a kind of human investigation within a virtual world where multimedia pieces are scattered here and there in a seemingly abandoned palace, just like treasures to be discovered along a path leading to nowhere.After six years of hard work, in 2016 the G.M.P. released “Beneath the Snow – Piovono Ombre”, a groundbreaking interactive movie featuring musical and artistic contents. This challenging opus, outcome of the collaboration among 28 musicians, actors, artists, graphics and technicians, sets an unprecedented level of interaction between the user and the artistic product and marks a new chapter in the history of avant-garde art and music, like “Clam, Dolenter” did six years before but again in a completely different way. (MORE)