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Collaborators and Past Members


Michela Vilardo: acting; Kasia Szado: acting; Massimo Traverso: acting; Sabrina Lo Sicco: acting; Marta Bosch: acting; Massimiliano Lucarelli: acting; Matteo Porchedda: acting; Monica Santo: acting; Cinzia Cottini: voice; Stéphane Melan: voice; Roberto Ursino: acting; Valentina Tacchella: acting; Elena Traverso: acting; Rosanna Crivelli: acting; Antonio Traverso: acting; Silvana Canepa: acting; Gianluca Chiozza: acting; Stefano Grillo: acting

Past Members and additional players:

Chris Joint (drums): end 1990 - half 1993Ricky F. (drums): beginning 1995 - half 1995; end 2001 - end 2001 (as additional player)Andy Under (bass): half 1992 - half 1992Frederick Thomas (rhythm guitar): half 1992 - half 1992Jordan (bass): beginning 1995 - beginning 1995Mr. R (rhythm guitar): half 1995 - half 1995Dr. D (bass): half 1995 - half 1995Bacci (bass): end 2001 - end 2001Suha Abuarqub (voice, acting): beginning 2013 - half 2013