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If you want to delve into this enigmatic world, let your demons could attend your long journey into this realm of darkness and click here.Only one thing is sure: henceforth nothing will ever be the same...R U gothic enough to go on ?

Many stories and several options. Reality, nightmare or... what ?

Beneath the Snow - Piovono Ombre

is the new Gothic Multimedia Project opus (2016, May). It's a groundbreaking work since here, for the very first time in the history of art, music and cinema, we have an interactive film featuring musical, artistic and lyrical contents."Beneath the Snow - Piovono Ombre" is a complex piece of multimedia art comprised of many stories within the main story. Stories where symbols and cryptic messages play a major role and where the real protagonist is... you. In fact it's up to you to decide how the main character will have to act in the most peculiar moments of the stories, at the end of the major clips.How ? Simply clicking on your mouse or on your controller.Beware because this is neither a video-game nor a film or an album or a virtual art gallery, as traditionally meant: it's all of these and much more than their arithmetic sum. It's a challenge against the whole world you have known so far and, most of all, this is the reign of Subconscious' fears during the full eclipse of reason.11 crossroads, 5 stories within the main story, 4 different endings, 11 multimedia pieces, more than 200 illustrations, 11 poetries and a huge soundtrack: this multimedia and interactive beast is just waiting for your intervention to awake !